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Diploma of Financial Planning
Certified Financial Planner

Rob's role

While Rob works with a diverse cross-section of our clients, he specialises in advice for pre-retirees and retirees. His expertise lies in navigating the maze of aged-care services and estate planning.

About Rob

Rob grew up in Launceston, before moving to Hobart in 1994.

His first career was with the Commonwealth Government, starting as an employment officer placing apprentices, and eventually moving up the ranks to manage 65 staff.

In 1996 he received a redundancy package and went to see a financial planner; he was instantly drawn to the world of finance and realised he’d found his next career.

Married for over thirty five years to Nathalie, he has four children and two grandchildren. 

He loves travelling around Australia — with Lord Howe Island his favourite destination to date. “If there’s a more relaxing place in Australia let me know and I’ll go there.”

His other pastimes include landscaping, golfing, spending time with friends and family at the shack.