19 January 2023

The signs you are getting ready to hire and build your leadership team!

Are you consistently feeling busy but you are not meeting all the demands in your life? You may see all the signs that indicate you are ready to start building your leadership team. This can be equal parts exciting, liberating or even scary. Will you ignore and soldier on or start asking the hard questions?

The signs that you are ready to hire in your growing business:

1. Your business is growing, you are consistently busy, but you are not able to meet the demands of your customers, clients, family and friends.

2. You are finding it difficult to maintain work-life balance, and your personal and professional responsibilities are starting to clash.

3. You are consistently delegating tasks to friends or family members who are not getting paid for their help

4. You are experiencing a high-turnover rate among your existing team members or low conversion rates of your new customers or clients.

5. You are unable to take advantage of new lead or referrals from your network

6. You are spending so much time on administrative tasks and no time on strategic and growth plans for your business.

7. You are working long hours, day after day, week after week or even years after years! and you are still unable to keep up with the work load. 

Things to think about when growing your leadership team:

> Formalise and define the roles and responsibilities of each team member

> Look for individuals with diverse skills and experiences to bring different perspectives and approaches to growth and problem solving

> Consider what ongoing training and development opportunities you will provide to your team to improve skills and knowledge

> Ensure you are fostering a positive and supportive work environment from the top to encourage collaboration and teamwork.



Let’s chat about your plans for the next level of maturity in your business and your vision for the future.

Image credit: The Ashes 2022 at Blundstone Arena, Brand Tasmanian