Do you need a Super Health Check?

Our client’s ask us:

(1) How much should I contribute to my superannuation fund each year to ensure a comfortable retirement?

(2) Is my SMSF compliant and is there anything that I should be worried about?

(3) Do I even have a superannuation investment strategy and does my trust deed allow me to invest what I want? 

The benefits of the Super Health Check include:

(1) Analysis of your current superannuation strategy.

(2) Identification of any potential gaps.

(3) Recommendations for actionable steps to enhance your strategy. 

Super Health Check is priced at $1500 + GST. The value you’ll receive far surpasses the investment. Not only will you gain clarity and confidence regarding your superannuation strategy, but you’ll also receive actionable insights to leverage your approach. Financial Services Guide

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