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Accounting, Business Accounting

The CSBA Client Calendar

In the whirlwind of running a business and a life, time is a precious asset.

Our clients juggle multiple tasks and deadlines. Our CSBA Client Calendar empowers business owners, individuals and families to plan for the year ahead with a goal of providing clarity, confidence and control.

Goodbye confusion, no more indecision and hello peace of mind.


Stay tuned for updates in January or February on Consumer Price Index (CPI) and Average Weekly Ordinary Time Earnings (AWOTE) figures. These numbers could affect the transfer balance cap, contributions caps and total super balance thresholds from July 2024.

Quarter 2 of the financial year superannuation payments are due.


Stay in the know with regards to potential changes in superannuation contribution caps due to any AWOTE increases. If caps increase to $30,000 (concessional) and $120,000 (non-concessional) it could affect high superannuation balances. 


Are you considering a downsizer superannuation contribution after selling a qualifying dwelling? Timing matters. For example, for settlements in April 2024, making contributions after July 1 ensures these won’t count towards your total super balance until June 30, 2025. 


Quarter 3 superannuation payments and BAS statements due for business owners. 


The budget is traditionally held on the first Tuesday in May!

Fringe benefits tax return, company income tax returns, payroll, partnership and trust income tax returns due for lodgement.


It’s time to optimise concessional superannuation contributions before the financial year ends. Reviewing contribution strategies now is crucial, especially with the expiration of unused concessional contributions from FY19 and stage 3 tax cuts starting on July 1. 


>> The start of the financial year is a wonderful time to get a start on your business planning session. Let’s Chat.


ATO opens tax returns. Due date for PAYG withholding payment summaries to be supplied to employees. Quarter 4 superannuation payments and BAS statement due. 

Sole trader/self employed: If you lodge by yourself your tax return can be lodged from 1 July to 31 October each financial year. 


Take stock on what is changing, about to change or you want to change in your business or life. For example first home, investment property, divorce, caring for parents, sending kids to university or having your first child.


>> Cash flow management is not so spooky! It’s the key to achieving your goals and the lifestyle you are working hard towards. An assessment of your cash flow will help you model different scenarios to ensure you get there! Let’s Chat. 


Quarter 1 Superannuation payments and BAS statement due. Final date to lodge tax returns. 

Mission, Vision, Core Values and Timeline.