Introduction Video: Are You Thinking of Selling Your Business?

All the secrets of how to design a business for the ultimate rewards.

Business coaching for business owners who are selling

As a founder or business owner, it’s easy to get caught up in the daily grind or turning your role into a demanding job rather than running a thriving business.



Those who manage to create something truly valuable often face the daunting challenge of dealing with predatory acquirers who undervalue their hard work. Or in our experience business owners are blindsided by a big life event!


We have seen firsthand the pain this can cause. 


Our goal is to level the playing field as you prepare for your business exit. Whether you’re planning to sell in a few years or decades, we can equip you with the knowledge to understand how acquirers evaluate your business.


What You Will Learn In The Introduction Video:

  • >> The 3 categories that play a role in the value of your business
  • >> Typical business owners versus a value builder
  • >> The 8 key drivers of company value

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