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We believe that with seemingly infinite information and options, a financial plan built on principles is paramount in ensuring our clients have clarity, confidence and control with regards to their investment strategy.

Our clients face unique challenges and require advice and solutions to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of the financial markets. Our principles of investing serve as a compass, directing our team’s efforts towards delivering reliable investment solutions in all conditions that our clients can trust.

The Collins SBA four (4) financial principles for investing serve as our commitment to our client’s financial well-being. These principles guide our decision-making, ensuring that every investment we recommend aligns with our client’s goals and aspirations. Your trust in us will be built on a foundation of solid financial stewardship, and our adherence to these principles. 

1. Preserve Capital

Preserving capital from negative returns is more important than chasing short term market returns.

2. Asset Allocation

Managing the risk of overpaying, our approach to asset allocation. 

3. Value for Money

It is important to us that you receive value in exchange for fees paid. 

4. Be Empowered

We advise our clients and respect that decisions are theirs to make. 

You are in control. Our goal is that you feel confident with your choices.

You are unique and your personal needs diverse.

Your financial planning goals may not always require financial products. The value you seek will be as unique as you are.

The world continues to change as do the goals and expectations of our clients, shareholders and stakeholders in the wider community. Our clients increasingly seek businesses to not only provide financial returns, but to do so with consideration, positive action and stewardship of governance, the environment, employee relations and community. 

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