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To us, improving someone’s life means helping them achieve a greater level of fulfillment, wellbeing and success, and empowering people with clarity, confidence and control to reach their full potential.

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Jodie Kent is very passionate about helping people and before becoming a business owner, her previous career centered around helping people and improving their quality of life.


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Freedom Home Care is locally owned and operated from Launceston, Tasmania since 2015 and has a network of carers that extends to the North-West of the state.

Business Partnership



Since 2022, Business Coaching with Michael Denehey.

"I was introduced to Michael from Collins SBA through our HR group. If I am honest, even though we were experiencing a challenging time and I was working 50+ hours per week, I wasn't sure if having a mentor and business coach would help!

After my first conversation with Michael, I quickly realised that teaming up with Collins SBA was going to be beneficial. I was not disappointed. Michael took the time to really understand my business and the challenges within my industry. With regular meetings and being made accountable, liaising with Michael gave me a sense of support that I have not been able to find anywhere else.

Thanks to Michael, our team culture has dramatically changed for the better, I have regained my confidence to manage the business and support staff and, I have been able to take my first holiday in 11 years. I couldn’t have made these changes without Michael’s guidance.

I highly recommend any business owner to work with Michael and Collins SBA."
Jodie Kent
Business Owner, Freedom Home Care
"Jodie is off to England for a 3 week holiday. This was one of the goals that we worked on together and I know this well-deserved break will make a difference in her life. This is so satisfying and motivating!"
Michael Denehey
Business Coach, Collins SBA


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