26 May 2022

Let’s Chat: ALL4 are taking care of business

ALL4 deliver the perfect blend of fun and adventure in a truly unique, world class destination. Thank you to Sam and Rachel, business owners of ALL4 for taking the time to chat with Rob Cameron, Business Adviser, Collins SBA.

Owners, Sam and Rachel of ALL4 since 2010, provide all-terrain vehicles (ARV) which offer unique experiences to individuals and groups. ALL4 are licenced to operate through the Freycinet National Park and share hidden, often otherwise inaccessible locations.

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ALL4 receive brilliant feedback on Google Reviews with an average of 4.9 stars and Trip Advisor 5-star rating. They are the highest rating tourism provider in Tasmanian based solely on reviews. 


ALL4 identified key risks and concerns including:





Well publicised workplace accidents in the farming industry as well as increasing regulation around the vehicles.

Insurance flagged to become increasingly expensive.

Sharp declines in revenue over the past two (2) years due to the downturn of tourists. 

Finding the time and a process to keep procedural manuals up to date. 


ALL4 are uniquely licensed to operate through the Freycinet National Park.

92% of visitors are tourists and 8% locals for individual or group tours.

Supported by Tasmanian Hospitality Association and the Tourism Industry Council Tasmania.


ALL4 engaged Collins SBA, and Business Advisor Rob Cameron invited Sam and Rachel to take this opportunity to immediately ‘rethink’ their business. They jumped into action regarding their business strategy, how to better manage cashflow and how to improve their overall business performance.

ALL4 were eligible to access Federal funding support such as Jobkeeper and a cashflow boost. ALL4 also took out a State Government business development loan to invest in new vehicles and a new brand strategy. Loan repayments commence in July 2022.

Summary on inclusions:

> Marketing investment to focus on rebrand and website redevelopment project targeting their ideal market. This also enabled them to financially differentiate from the television show named ALL4adventure, which has owned all the Google search traffic under the old brand name. Until this point, ALL4adventure didn’t come up in an online search until the 3rd or 4th page of Google.

> Applied and receive state growth grant for $13,500 to go towards advertising through the Tourism Brochure Exchange for 12 months. This is a marketing platform they hadn’t tried in the past due to an initial outlay required verse an unknown return on investment. 

> They have met with a social media consultant on skills to how to use these platforms more effectively, however lack of time has prevented them from consistent social media activity.

> On advice, they ‘bit the bullet’ and published a price increase in early 2021. The results from this saw no noticeable reduction in clientele numbers and a better profit margin on their tours. 

> ALL4 made the transition from Quad bikes into safer side by side vehicles which has grown the maximum number of customers that can participate on a tour from 16 to 23. 

> Reinvested considerable capital into a truck and vehicle trailer with the objective of making the business more mobile for delivering the tours. 

Business was good in 2021, and so far this year we have experienced record levels of revenue and profitability is improving. We are still working long hours, but we finally have cash reserves in the bank. We are excited about the opportunities to keep growing including more tours, more marketing and more vehicles.

We were all also approached by a nearby business with an offer to possibly buy ALL4. It's fantastic to have this as an option.

One of the constant challenges has been finding and retaining good team members. As our business is in a relatively remote location with very limited staff accommodation options, we tend to attract tour guides, who are transient and prefer casual work as opposed to wanting to build a career with us. Because of the varied hours of the tours it has proven difficult to offer full-time jobs. Every year we are recruiting and training new team members which adds additional pressure to ensure knowledge is shared effectively and the customer experience remains high."

Colins SBA was retained in 2022 to support ALL4 focus on (1) Workforce (2) Growing and improving business without too much risk (3) Reducing hours and pressure on the owners as operators and (4) Choice regarding whether they should pack up and move to the city for more educational options for their growing family. 


The Let’s Chat Case Study was produced with the support of the generous team at ALL4. If you or your business would love to be showcased with us, please contact Amanda at