20 June 2022

Can you get more comfortable with uncertainty?

When things go as planned, we feel a sense of control. But factors beyond our control can leave us feeling anxious or even stressed.

To say we are all feeling a little uncertain may be an understatement given the daily headlines of falling share prices and interest hikes.

Interestingly, a report released named Macquarie Bank Business Barometer surveyed over 1800 business leaders and they revealed an overwhelming majority of business leaders were optimistic about the year ahead.

Almost half of the business leaders surveyed said they have changed day-to-day operations during the past two (2) years with 17% making significant changes.

What changes are important to your business right now?


We continue to work directly with our clients to understand the current impacts of these changes for example, supply chain disruption, investment rate hikes, continuity planning, wage increases and cash flow forecasting on both their businesses and individual strategies. Now is the time to get more comfortable with uncertainty and stress test your operational and strategic plans.


Lets’ keep the advice simple with three (3) tips:

1. Limit the amount of news you are consuming

2. Show yourself compassion

3. Ask for expert help

Please click on below for an informal and friendly chat about change and support.

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Teds Beach, Strathgordon


Source: Tasmanian Partner

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