23 March 2023

Compassion: 5 ways to do it in your business

Compassion is a feeling of deep sympathy, empathy, and concern for others who are suffering, struggling or in pain. It is the ability to recognise and connect with what others are managing, and respond in a way that shows care, understanding and kindness.

Compassion is the willingness to be present with others, to listen, to offer support, and to act in ways that alleviate their struggle or improve their well-being. Compassion is a fundamental human emotion that helps connect with others and build meaningful relationships. 

Could you use more of these compassionate tips in your workplace?

> Active Listening: Paying attention to what your team members are saying, and responding thoughtfully can show that you care about their thoughts, feelings and concerns

> Providing practical support: Offering support to team members who may be struggling with a personal or work-related issue

> Demonstrate empathy: Take the time to understand and share the feelings of others, show that you care about their experiences, can help build strong, positive relationships at work

> Showing gratitude: Expressing gratitude for the hard work and contributions of your team members can help people to feel valued and appreciated, which will help boost morale and motivation

> Flexibility: Being flexible with team members who may need time off or a modified work schedule due to personal or family issues shows understanding and compassion.

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