4 April 2022

Taking care of business with Craig Hawkins, Owner & Managing Director, Seahorse World, Beauty Point

“I was looking to re-focus on the important aspects of running my  business. It was great to get this help now, not only for this year, but beyond and without having to spend too much time completing forms.”

Craig Hawkins, Owner and Managing Director, Seahorse World, Beauty Point, 2002

“Applications for the state government grants completed and submitted are seeing a response within 48 hours!” says Michael Denehey, Business Adviser, Collins SBA. “So far, this has been a very straightforward process for our clients.”

The team at Collins SBA support the application process for small business advice and financial guidance program. This program aims to provide eligible small businesses with access to specialist financial services and/or business support to assist in business recovery, transition, growth, or application of other strategies to address the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and other significant events.

“I really enjoyed taking time to get stuck into some of the detail at my first meeting with Michael, and acknowledging I needed help with accountability and focus” says Craig Hawkins. “Utilising his specialised advice and sharing valuable ideas, helped to crystalise what is the most important for us.”

Let’s chat about the COVID-19 Small Business Advice and Financial Guidance Program
and how we can help you with the application process.

Visit Seahorse World & hold the mysteries of the ocean in the palm of your hand.

Seahorse World is dedicated to seahorse breeding, education and conservation. All around the world, crowds gather to admire their seahorses, but you can get much closer by visiting their unique facility at Beauty Point. Craig Hawkins, 2002

Mike Denehey, Adviser suggests that as a business owner, you are probably run off your feet and in the whirlwind of running your business, working in your business, and not having time to work on your business. Am I right? Please reach out to chat more about how we guide business owners to ultimately achieve their business and personal goals. Connect with Mike on LinkedIn