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Pictured: Dionie Lippis, Senior Accountant, Collins SBA

Dionie was a reserved child during school and grew her confidence as a drama student and an 19 year old leaving home with friends for an language exchange program in Taiwan. Fast forward, and Dionie continually challenges her personal and professional growth by taking on something new. Currently she is working full-time, studying to be a CPA and baking olive bread in her spare time. Her family and friends are willing ‘test’ participants.

Dionie finds great satisfaction in the conversations she has with clients and combining the technical knowledge, analysis, and insights of our team to provide rationale to any challenges or opportunities clients may have. Dionie takes every opportunity to network, attend conferences, and share her professional experiences on leadership panels, specifically supporting emerging leaders and new grads in Tasmania. Bachelor of Business, Bachelor of Economics, Diploma of Languages, CPA (in progress)

Client Services Coordinator: Accounting Team

When it comes to career growth our Accountants, financial professionals and business coaches are limited only by their imagination on how they build their skills and knowledge to help our clients and contribute to the wider community. Our team get to work with business owners and individuals across many industries and help solve every challenge and opportunity that you can think of. It is exciting and inspirational to hear our client stories, how they overcome obstacles and their vision for the future. Our Client Services Coordinators are responsible for coordinating client service interactions on behalf of the team at Collins SBA. They develop, implement and refine as they learn and grow with a vison of providing remarkable experiences!

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Our team is made up of diverse thinkers and clever and fun people. We are absolutely convinced that teamwork fosters healthy work relationships that are based on trust, care, collaboration and innovation.

Our purpose is to let your superpower shine, be curious about learning, value and feel confident about growing with us and provide important support to people like Dionie.

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