28 February 2023

Are you a leader who practices gratitude in the work place?

Practicing gratitude in the professional work environment is not only possible but also highly recommended! Showing gratitude can help build positive relationships, boost morale and improve overall satisfaction. 

A few examples on how to practice gratitude at work: 

  • Express thanks: show your appreciation by thanking your team members for their hard work, support and contributions
  • Acknowledge achievements: celebrate successes and accomplishments by publicly acknowledging and recognising the efforts of individuals or teams
  • Give credit: recognise the contributions of others and avoid taking sole credit that were the result of teamwork
  • Provide feedback: share positive feedback and compliments received from customers and clients with your team
  • Be respectful: show respect to all team members regardless of their position, tenure or seniority and treat everyone with kindness and consideration
  • Celebrate the big wins and the small wins: take the time to celebrate and share appreciation for the effort and hard work that went into achieving them

Let’s chat about how you are practicing gratitude in your workplace and creating a positive and supportive environment that encourages collaboration, team work and mutual respect.