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Events & Meeting Places

Meeting with each other to exchange information, network, collaborate, build relationships, create new business opportunities and provide learning and growth opportunities are foundational to driving success in the business community. 


Creating a professional and comfortable atmosphere, the right refreshments, flexibility to accommodate different styles and last minute changes are all important factors to help foster productivity and facilitate communication. 

Taking Care of Business [Roundtable] with local experts on the hottest topics for business owners

A Roundtable is a term used to describe a gathering of leaders to discuss a particular topic or issue. Our goal is to encourage free-flowing, inclusive discussion and to promote equal participation from all guests. 

Meet up: do you enjoy talking small business growth and catching up with old friends and new?

Join us monthly as we meet up with other small business owners for a chat. Monthly experts speak for 15 – 20 minutes on a growth topic they have a passion for and deep experience in. 

Free Seminar: all about Employee Share Ownership Plans and whether this is right for your business?

Register for a free breakfast seminar and learn everything you need to know about implementing an employee share ownership plan for attracting and retaining your workforce. 

Freedom inspires our people.

Let’s work to secure freedom for you too.