6 August 2023

Financial Empowerment: Wealth Planning

As a business owner, time is a very precious commodity. You are juggling multiple responsibilities, striving for growth and pushing your business to the next milestone.

Amidst the whirlwind, it's easy to overlook an aspect that can impact your success: wealth planning.

Each of our client’s business journey is unique. Our team offers oversight, management, and advice to navigate the complex landscape that affects your financial life and wellbeing.

Financial projections, budgeting and cash flow management are the backbone of any successful business. Our team work with our clients to create accurate and realistic financial projections, develop strategic budgets and optimise cash flow to ensure your business operates efficiently and profitably.

Your retirement and financial security are essential considerations. Our advisers provide expert advice on superannuation and SMSF, empowering you to make well-informed decisions and maximise our retirement savings. 

Your business success is closely tied to your personal financial wellbeing. We offer personalised wealth planning and regular reviews to assess your financial goals, update strategies, and align your business growth with your personal goals. 

Managing banking relationships and debt efficiently can lead to substantial savings and improved financial stability. Our team will support your banking and debt structures, offering strategic guidance to optimise interest rates, payment terms and overall financial arrangements. 

Exploring investment opportunities is an essential part of wealth planning. Our advisers will asses your risk appetite, financial goals and market conditions to develop an investment strategy that aligns with your objectives.

As a time-poor business owner your need a team that can handle complexities of wealth planning while keeping your unique needs at the forefront. 

We believe in the power of collaboration and our experienced advisers will work closely with you to identify opportunities, mitigate risks and tailor strategies that align with your vision for the future. 


Phil Hall, Head of Financial Planning, Senior Adviser

Freedom = Travel and the Beach 

Phil is an experienced planner who enjoys working with clients to meet their financial goals now and into the future. Having previously been a teacher, Phil educates and guides clients; enabling them to make informed decisions to build, protect and manage wealth through a broad range of financial strategies.

Phil grew up in Hobart, but has worked and travelled overseas and interstate prior to returning and settling in Tasmania. He commenced working in the Financial Services industry in 2002 and has completed a Masters of Financial Planning, Bachelor of Education (Honours), and several specialist courses in ASX listed products, SMSF, margin lending and is a Certified Financial Planner®. Phil enjoys travel, getting outdoors and spending time at the beach with his family. LinkedIn

Masters of Financial Planning, Bachelor of Education (Honours), CFP®.