12 January 2023

Have you lost mojo for your business?

Losing motivation or “mojo” for your business can be a difficult and frustrating situation to be in, but there are several things you can try to regain your motivation and reignite your passion for your business.

In the Big Small Business Survey* 58% of small business owners said they had experienced a mental health challenge in the past two (2) years. One respondent said:  “lost my mojo…can’t be arsed attitude . . . I am feeling stuck.” 

Remember that starting and growing a business is hard work, and it’s important to give yourself credit for the progress you have made. Try these to help get back on track:

1. Revisit your mission and values. Reflect on why you started your business in the the first place. What values motivated you? Try to reconnect and remind yourself about the purpose of your business. 

2. Assess your progress with compassion. Take a look at your progress to date. Are there any small wins or successes that you should stop and celebrate? Your past accomplishments will help remind you of what you have achieved. 

3. Try refocusing back on your customers or clients. Take time to talk to people and listen to their feedback. Reconnect with their pain points and what they value the most.

4. Connect with other business owners, mentors or business coaches. They will provide valuable advice, support, and inspiration. Connect with your local networking group and share how you are feeling. 

Please take care of yourself and seek professional health advice and support if required Prioritising self-care will help you feel better and may even provide the energy to help get your mojo back. 

** Reference: The Big Small Business Survey took a deep dive into some of the key issues small business owners faced in 2022. Meet the experts of this research Katrina McCarter and Dale Beaumont.