12 September 2022

Have you prioritised your financial wellbeing this year?

According to research*, a person’s wellbeing can be measured against 8 dimensions of wellness.

Each dimension whether physical, emotional, spiritual, social, intellectual, social, occupational or financial will mean something different to everyone. Understanding what it means to you can help you uncover what you value in life, where your strengths are and what you might need to work on.

The Financial Wellness Dimensions addresses your financial wellbeing. It covers your income, debt, savings and investments as well as your financial literacy. It also means having the resources to support and protect those you love. To live your best life, you need to be confident in your current financial situation or your future financial prospects.

Have you prioritised your financial wellbeing checklist this year? A checklist will help you determine where you stand financially and what goals you should have for now and in the future. 

Everyone is unique, and things change so this isn’t a one-time activity. How would you prioritise the below list?

The personal goals of Business Owners can get lost in the busyness of their day, week, month or even years. Please click on Let’s Chat if you would like support in prioritising.

* The eight dimensions of health research: Dr Peggy Swarbrick, PhD. 2006

Image: Lavender Farm, Margate, Tasmania