14 December 2022

Let’s chat: is it time to check with your accountant?

Accountants track, report, and analyse financial transactions. Our team at Collins SBA use their knowledge and expertise with accounting principles and practices to help businesses and individuals manage their financial affairs and make informed decisions. It’s their experience with complexity that makes them different.

These questions will help you have an informed conversation with your accountant:

  • What is the status of my business’s tax return? When is it due, and what documentation do I need to provide?
  • How can I reduce my business’s tax liability? Are there any deductions or credits that I should be aware of?
  • What is the best way to track and manage my business’s expenses? Can you recommend any tools or software that can help with this?

  • How can I ensure that my business is in compliance with all relevant tax laws and regulations?

  • Can you provide an overview of my business’s financial performance over the past year? How does it compare to previous years and to similar businesses in my industry?

  • Are there any upcoming changes to tax laws or regulations that I should be aware of? How will they affect my business?

  • Can you provide guidance on cash flow management and planning for the future? How can I ensure that my business has enough cash on hand to meet its obligations?

  • Can you help me develop a long-term financial plan for my business? This could include projections for revenue and expenses, as well as strategies for growth and expansion.

  • Are there any opportunities for me to save on taxes through retirement planning or other strategies? Can you help me explore these options and determine the best course of action for my business?

  • Are there any other financial services or support that you can provide to help my business succeed? This could include assistance with bookkeeping, financial reporting, or other areas of expertise.

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