10 July 2022

Let’s Chat: Total Freight Solutions are taking care of business

Total Freight Solutions are improving warehousing and distribution for other businesses and saving them money.

Michael Denehey, Business Coach at Collins SBA started working with the founders of Total Freight Solutions (TFS) over 15 years ago.

“At this time, TFS was operating out of a garage in the backyard. I am incredibly proud of the growth, dedication and commitment of this team and how they are getting ready to open a $4M purpose built warehouse as their next major milestone. Of course, a lot can happen during more than a decade of working together, and I really admire how Steve and Julie have navigated the changes and challenges of life.”

More recently, based on the growth vision of Total Freight Solutions we have broken down the opportunities into key areas of focus including:


The people who will support the vision of Total Freight Solutions


Ensure financial reporting is accurate and inline with laws and regulations


Accountability and support to build and manage the process for growth

Visit Steve and Julie's business

Established in 2005, Total Freight Solutions is a family owned company with a global reach focussed on providing excellence in customer service

“We continue with quarterly strategic accountability sessions to move towards the next goals within the business,” says Michael. “And I have introduced the TFS team to more of the expertise at Collins SBA, which adds another level of insight and experience. We call this a #wholeofteam approach. This enables us to work seamlessly with the team at Total Freight Solutions without them having to repeat themselves or revisit the background of their business at every meeting. Ensuring we are efficient and effective at every session is important to our team.”

Making a difference in people's life is what gets me up in the mornings! And because of our shared interests in footy, music and keeping fit, it's a bonus that Steve and I have become good mates. I could not be prouder of what Steve and Julie have accomplished with their team.