30 June 2020

Let’s Chat: Zoodoo are taking care of business

Zoodoo has a vision of a healthy planet that is home to wildlife, wild places and people.

We agree this is a fantastic vision to support and when COVID hit the business hard in 2020 and the goal also became one of survival. Earlier that same year, the close-knit team did a shout out to the public for help to care for the animals, who were being looked after by laid-off staff.

Business coach and trusted adviser Rob Cameron at Collins SBA said ‘we quickly identified the key priorities to mitigate the immediate impacts of COVID on their business.’


Implementing financial controls for managing cashflow


Extensive advice to implement for improved results and visibility


Identifying the skills, roles & responsibilities needed for now and future growth

Visit Donna's business Zoodoo

Zoodoo’s Keeper for a Day is an amazing behind the scenes experience! Meet some of their beautiful animals and experience the real world of zookeeping!

“We scheduled daily sessions to begin with and moved to monthly and purpose-led team sessions on the future growth plans,” says Rob Cameron. “We tapped into our local network of trusted advisers to ensure the Zoodoo team had access to the right expertise, at the right time. Now the owner, Donna has a team of sounding boards for whenever she needs it, because many of her decisions impact more than ‘just a business.’

Zoodoo has survived COVID! And importantly the owner of Zoodoo, Donna is starting to get her life back. She has a skilled management team and formalised plans for growth and an exciting vision to create something important for Tassie. Her resilience and courage during the tough times continues to inspire me.