28 February 2023

Are you a micro-managing boss?

Micro-managing can be harmful to your team’s productivity, creativity and morale, and it’s important to recognise whether you’re engaging in this behaviour so that you can address it. 

Please answer the following questions honestly and with self-reflection: 

1. Do you find yourself frequently checking in on your team members, even when they haven’t asked for your input or guidance?

2. Do you feel like you need to be involved in every aspect of your team’s work, even if it’s outside of your area of expertise?

3. Do you find yourself correcting your team members’ work even if it’s not necessary or it’s a minor mistake?

4. Do you feel like you can’t delegate tasks or responsibilities to your team members because your don’t trust them to do the work correctly?

5. Do you struggle to give your team members autonomy and ownership over their work because you feel like you need to be in control?

6. Do you frequently interrupt your team members while they are working or in a meeting to ask for updates or provide feedback?

7. Do you find yourself feeling anxious or stressed when you’re not directly involved in your team’s work?

8. Have you received feedback from your team members that you’re being too controlling or not giving them enough freedom?


Ok, if you answered “yes” to one or more of these questions, you may be engaging in micro-managing behaviour. It’s important to recognise this behaviour may have a negative impact on your team’s performance and their morale. 

We hope this self-assessment has been helpful as being a great leader means trusting your team members, giving autonomy and empowering your team to do their best work. How micro-management will steal your time with Business Coaches Rob Cameron and Michael Denehey.