15 June 2023

Non financial success: cultivating wellbeing for time-strapped business owners

When you own and manage a business, it's easy to get caught up in the pursuit of financial success - because you have to! Taking time out to recognise long-term success will also extend beyond monetary achievements is important as well.

1. Recognise the importance of wellbeing and how it encompass physical, mental and emotional health. Neglecting these areas can lead to burn out, decreased productivity and even business and financial setbacks. Your wellbeing will set the foundation for your businesses and teams success. 

2. Allocate time for self-care activities, even if only for a few minutes a day. This may include meditation, exercise, reading or pursuing a hobby. This time will help you replenish your energy levels, reduce stress and enhance your overall wellbeing. Setting boundaries and treating self-care as a non-negotiable is important!

3. Recognise that you can’t do everything – and certainly not by yourself. Delegate tasks that can be managed by others. Automate repetitive tasks utilising technology. Your goal is to free you up for more strategic and meaningful work and self-care activities. 

4. Think about and plan to set boundaries between your work and personal life. Allow yourself time to recharge and connect with loved ones. A refreshed mind is way more productive and creative.

5. Build a trusted network of like-minded people who understand the unique challenges you face. Connect with industry peers, and attend networking events. These connections can provide support, insights and valuable advice. Sharing experiences and seeking guidance from others who have prioritised their own wellbeing can be inspiring and motivating. 

6. Lastly, it is so easy to get lost in the whirlwind of tasks and responsibilities. We know. Practice mindfulness to cultivate presence and awareness. Engage in mindful breathing exercises, take short breaks to reset your focus and embrace these techniques throughout the day. 

Example schedule for a time-strapped business owner: (The secret is to make conscious choices to prioritise your wellbeing and integrate self-care into your daily, weekly and monthly routines and habits.) 


>> Start your day with 5 minutes of mindfulness meditation. Find a quiet corner at home or at work with a meditation app to guide you

>> Take short breaks during the day for a stretch, walk or practice your deep breathing

>> Delegate tasks that could be managed by others


>> Block our specific times in your diary for self-care activities

>> Connect with your network and schedule a virtual or physical meet up

>> Reflect on your previous week and how you balanced your time and wellbeing


>> Conduct a review of your repetitive tasks from the previous month and assess if there is an opportunity to automate

>> Plan you next weekend away or mini-vacation to disconnect completely

>> Design a list of responsibilities you will start transitioning to other resources so you can manage the strategic planning and long-term vision of your business

Let’s chat if you need help with planning your financial and non-financial success metrics.