18 July 2023

Talk with your Business Coach

Running a business comes with unique challenges and opportunities.

Partnering with a Business Coach can be a game-changer.

Check out these questions to consider asking your own Business Coach or Business Mentor.

>> Business Governance

Establishing best practices and working on your business is fundamental for successful businesses.

When discussing with your business coach, consider asking:

(1) What are the essential parts of a robust business governance framework?

(2) How can I strike the balance between being involved in the day-to-day operations and focus on strategic planning?

(3) What processes and tools can I implement to enhance transparency, accountability, and decision-making with my business? 

>> Business Coaching

Engaging in business coaching can provide invaluable insights and guidance to drive your business growth.

When discussing with your business coach, consider asking:

(1) How can I identify and capitalise on growth opportunities within my industry?

(2) What strategies can I employ to improve my leadership skills and foster a positive culture in my business?

(3) Can you help me overcome specific challenges or roadblocks that my business is currently facing?

>> Shareholder Agreements

Clear and well-defined shareholder agreements can help manage relationships and mitigate potential conflicts. 

When discussing with your business coach, consider asking:

(1) What should be included in a shareholder agreement to protect the interests of all parties involved?

(2) How can I address potential disputes or disagreements proactively?

(3) Are there any legal or regulatory considerations that I should be aware of when drafting? 

>> Employee Share Ownership Plans

Implementing employee share ownership plans (ESOPS) can be an effective way to motivate and retain talented employees. 

When discussing with your business coach, consider asking:

(1) How can I design an ESOP that aligns with my values and goals?

(2) What benefits and challenges should I anticipate when introducing an ESOP?

(3) Are there any tax implications or legal requirements associated with implementing an ESOP?

Let’s chat if you want to discuss how a business coach can provide expertise, insights and customised solutions tailored to you unique needs. 


Rob Cameron, Business Coach, Adviser

Freedom = Living life on my own terms

Rob is focused on doing great work with people who value developing meaningful working relationships.

He works with clients to help them set a strategy that will help them get where they want to go by coaching & advising them on ways to ensure the strategy gets “done”. Often initial client engagements turn into long term working relationships where Rob becomes a business owner’s trusted adviser and helps share some of the load of being in the business leadership position.

Bachelor of Engineering, Grad. Cert. in Change Management, Masters in Business Admin. (MBA) LinkedIn.

Wow, what a breath of fresh air! We recently moved all our personal and business accounting requirements to Collins SBA as recommended by a trusted colleague and won't look back. Rob Cameron, Andrew Pearce, Michael Denehey and the team have made us feel so welcomed and promptly attended to all our immediate financial needs including a 3-way cashflow forecast model etc. Most notably, we must thank Nathan McGrath for the exceptional work he did in completing our recent group financials. A truly professional and dedicated team. I cannot recommend them more highly enough!