19 January 2023

What are the significant life events and why does it matter?

Each major life milestone is an opportunity for growth, self-discovery and personal fulfilment. Recognising the significance of each milestone and actively working to make the most of them can help to make our lives more meaningful.

We can also be more self-aware of when we need to ask for help and build a personal and professional network of trusted advisers. Where are you and what is your next major life milestone?


Birth marks our beginning! This is our foundation for all future experiences and relationships moving forward.

We understand early childhood and education is crucial in shaping our social skills for the rest of our lives.

Adolescence and puberty is exciting and challenging! We start a journey of self-discovery and how we navigate relationships and societal expectations.

Starting and leaving school and higher education is an important achievement as we explore different paths and people.

Getting our first job or even starting a business is a defining moment in our adult lives. This may be the start of financial independence, a chance to pursue our passions and develop the skills, knowledge and experience we will need to succeed!

Getting married or a long-term relationship signifies a commitment to sharing with another person! We may start thinking about how to build a strong foundation together and also how to continue to grow as individual’s. 

Planning to buy a pet together or having children is a life-changing event that brings new joys and responsibilities. We learn parenting skills and figure out how we contribute and prepare the next generation. 

Buying our first home may be in the picture, representing financial stability and a sense of belonging.

Maybe we are also growing our first business, and life is busy as we juggle all the new commitments and time seems to be going by so quickly.

Next major event could be divorce or a health scare. We were definitely not planning for this or were we?

Retirement or selling your business will mark a huge end to one stage of your life and free up the time to plan new adventures and possibilities.

And that final major milestone, death. Did we live a great life and love and protect the ones we care amount the most?

Let’s chat about your next major life milestone and the plans and goals you have to achieve them.