19 January 2023

You need a new process for [blank] but where do you start?

You have discovered that a process you implemented 18 months ago is not being followed by your team or you are ready to use feedback to improve it? The purpose of process mapping is to clearly identify and understand areas for improvement and then communicate to others. 

There are common frameworks available to help with process mapping including

>> Flowchart: which uses symbols and arrows to represent the steps in a process. It may typically show the flow of the process, including inputs, outputs and decision points. 

>> Swimlane: which is similar to a flow chart but adds a further visual representation of the different roles and responsibilities within a process. This flowchart is really useful for showing how different teams or functions in a business interact with a process. 

>> Value Stream: is a map to work out the flow of materials and information in a production process. This process mapping will help identify areas of waste and inefficiency.

>> SIPOC: this stands for suppliers, inputs, process, outputs and customers. Typically a high-level process map that extends to external stakeholders that are also involved in the map.

Questions to ask to help get you started:

1. Can you describe the current process and any pain points or bottlenecks that you are experiencing?

2. Who are the key stakeholders involved in the process and what are their roles?

3. What are the primary goals and objectives of this process?

4. Have any improvements or changes been implemented in the past and what was the outcome?

5. How is the process currently being measured and what metrics are being used to evaluate success?

6. Are there any regulatory or compliance considerations that must be taken into account when designing this process?

7. Are there any external factors or trends, such as a change in technology or the industry that may impact the design?

8. Have you considered automation using technology in the new process?

10. How and when will this new process be implemented?

Let’s chat about the current processes in your business and where you may need expertise or support to re-design or implement.