Business Advice

Maximise value: marketing and sales

Most people who go into business are very good at what they do, be it as an engineer, process improvement specialist or architect, but many don’t necessarily have marketing and sales skills.  Craig West, Founder of Succession Plus says one of the key issues for any business owner is having […]

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Unplanned events and business owners

Many people avoid talking about death, wills or selling their business and many families are left inheriting a burden when an unplanned event happens.  Craig West, Founder of Succession Plus says with ‘no succession plan in place many people are left with a business that can’t survive without the owner.’ […]

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M3 Framework and the business owner

The M3 Framework designed by experts in the psychology of entrepreneurs at significant points of transition or exit.  Business owners are hardwired to build and run a business! A business owners life, business and wealth are interwoven, and not easily separated. Significant transitions expose owners and their businesses to both […]

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Buying a business – the value of valuation

What are the risks asks Rob Cameron, Adviser. One of the biggest risks when purchasing a new business is the risk of overpaying. Once you’ve overpaid for a business, it’s very hard to turn it into a good deal and your financial returns can be decimated. Because of this, it’s […]

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